How to battle impostor syndrome

Nearly 70 percent of people confess to feelings of inadequacy and failure sometimes. Here are a few effective exercises to fend off your inner critic.

People are hard-wired to think in pessimistic terms. Here are 3 easy ways to stay optimistic.

Prioritizing your emotional well-being will make you a better worker and a happier person.

Talking to yourself can actually build confidence and lower anxiety. Here's how and why you should embrace your inner mutterer.

How Salvador Dali inspired Scott Beauchamp to become the best and most efficient napper he can be.

We all do it. We fake it until we can figure it out. And until we do, it’s pretty uncomfortable. Here are a couple ways to ease the uneasiness.

Extraordinary motivation is not magic. It’s an approach, fueled by strong belief, that can be broken down into parts and channeled by any one of us.

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