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We believe getting stuck is positive signal, a nudge that encourages you to make something better. A relationship. Or a process. Maybe a routine. Whatever is nagging at you, it’s an opportunity — and we want to help you take it in the best way possible.


Our philosophy and approach come from our parent company, SYPartners, which helps individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations become the best versions of themselves, so they can create massive positive impact in business and society. SYP often deals with heady stuff — but at the core is a deep and fundamental understanding of what gets people, even great business leaders, stuck. That is the foundation of Unstuck.

Unstuck launched in 2012 with a free app for iPad. Nearly 1 million have downloaded it, but it turned out that people without iPads felt left out. So we created a web app version that works on all devices. The app is a great place to start understanding what gets you stuck and how to get going again.

Because there are so many ways of getting stuck and unstuck, we couldn’t stop there. We began writing Unstuck Advice, which provides tips, questions, and points of view to provoke insight and action. Each week we send out an email to more than 100,000 fans with our latest thoughts, stories, and expert interviews. (Sign up here to join the email list.)

Then we wondered what a physical version of Unstuck might be (sometimes you need something tangible). The result: Reusable Unstuck Tip Card decks that address common stuck moments, like procrastination, negative thinking, creativity, and productivity. It was a good hunch. One of our customers recently told us she never travels without them. Sweet.


Now we’re off to the races with our latest tool: Unstuck Life Courses. Our first two are Making a Change and Spark Your Motivation.

Based on the approach of the original Unstuck app, Life Courses offer a deeper experience. Each course takes you on a path based on how you’re stuck. At the heart of your journey are interactive exercises to surface fresh perspective — complemented by helpful points of view delivered in text, video, and audio. Printable worksheets and a series of follow-up emails offer reinforcement.

You’re up to date on Unstuck — for the moment. If you have an idea or suggestion, please reach out to us at info@unstuck.com. We’re always ready to find new ways to help you live an unstuck life.