How to identify your values (and why it matters)

Your values affect every aspect of your life. When you feel stuck, they can help get you out of a rut; when you’re not sure what to do next, values help lead the way toward a meaningful life. There’s only one problem: Many of us draw a blank when it comes to actually defining our values.

That’s partly because values are complex. They are collection of your personal experiences, trials, and triumphs, along with everything that’s influenced your belief system. This includes your friends, family, culture, and education to name a few. Even the books you read and the entertainment you consume actively shape how you define yourself in relation to the outside world.

When I work with clients, it’s my job to help them articulate exactly what drives them. A vague understanding won’t suffice here; we need to really dig in and undertake a discovery process. Ultimately, the
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4 ways to conquer the Sunday Scaries

In a perfect world, a typical Sunday would be relaxing and refreshing — a true leisure day. But for many of us, the end of the weekend brings a sense of dread, often referred to as the Sunday Scaries.

The terrible snowball effect of Sunday Scaries may feel familiar: Nagging thoughts about work may creep in as soon as you wake up or even sneak up slowly, perhaps during a lovely brunch with friends. If left unchecked, you might head into Monday with high anxiety that can leave you feeling exhausted and depleted right out of the gate, sapping you of motivation to conquer the week ahead.

If you’ve ever had a case of the Sunday Scaries, it’s important to know you’re not alone. Over 76 percent of people battle with  “really bad” Sunday night blues. But you don’t have to keep settling for that pit-in-your-stomach
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