10 do’s and don’ts to help you regain confidence

September 28, 2012

Truth: Confidence ebbs and flows for all of us, even those with the biggest swagger. It can feel especially diminished when we find ourselves stuck in an Idle Achiever moment, unable to accomplish a coveted goal.

No doubt you will rebound in time, but if you want to accelerate the process, take these small but powerful steps to coax back confidence sooner.

1. DO something you are good at to get a sense of accomplishment. Exercise is one of the best activities because it boosts feel-good endorphins.

2. DO think about the things in life that you are grateful for. Often.

3. DO put on your Sunday best and mingle with other people. Looking good will make you feel better about yourself, and people are naturally attracted to an air of assurance.

4. DO lend a hand. By helping someone, you get healthy doses of structure and purpose.

5. DO think back to all the challenges you’ve overcome — a good reminder that you have what it takes.

6. DON’T take responsibility (or blame) for situations you have no control over.

7. DON’T listen to your inner critic. This destructive voice finds faults, real and imagined.

8. DON’T compare yourself to others and their accomplishments. Life is not a competition.

9. DON’T spend time with toxic people — the ones who drain your energy reserves with their complaints and discouraging words.

10. DON’T get into a physical slump. Inactivity can lead to an emotional downward spiral.

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