19 solutions to avoid burnout

Say no to the wear and tear of life with any of these products that help us stay mindful, relaxed, and experience more joy in our days. (Disclosure: Unstuck will receive a small stipend from any purchases on this page.)

Use your time wisely

Leather Journal and Pen, $32.95
Instead of scrolling mindlessly on your phone, pull out this handsome leather journal. It’s your private space to write deep thoughts, doodle the time away (it’s good for your brain!), or draft that letter you’ve been putting off. Measuring 7 x 5 inches, it’s highly portable and comes with a hidden holder for your pen. Buy now.


Portable Telescope, $59.99
When you think about it, there are few things more awesome than the stars and planets in the night sky. Science has found that when we experience awe, we become kinder and more altruistic. That’s why we love this telescope. Its simple setup and handy backpack case make star-gazing easy wherever you are. Buy now.


Wireless Earbuds, $39.99
You can end the recurring frustration of detangling your earbud cords right now. These wireless earpieces seemingly do it all — noise-cancelling, bluetooth-ready, sweatproof — in a lightweight black design that won’t standout. Plus, the carrying case serves as a charging stand. Buy now.


Remind yourself

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels, $39.99
A positive way to avoid burnout is to set time limits — and Clocky is a fun, silly way to do it. When the alarm goes off, Clocky jumps from its resting place and runs away, prompting you to stop what you’re doing and chase it. We dare you not to laugh. Buy now.



S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $32
Sure, you know you should stay hydrated all day, but for some reason getting a glass of water is inconvenient. Enter the S’well water bottle. Its form alone makes it display-worthy on your desk or counter — and serves as a good reminder to drink up. And when you do, your mind and body perform better. Bonus: S’well keeps liquids cold or hot for hours.
Buy now.


Write it down, work it out


Self Care Journal, $20.99
Definitely not your typical journal. From the curator of self care zine comes this activity-packed book that’s designed for anyone dealing with mood issues. It’s filled with worksheets, goal-setting and tracking, games, mazes, and even some pages to color. Buy now.



Panda Planner Pro, $35.97
You don’t just plan your day with Panda, you do it with intention and goals. Each morning starts with gratitude, aspiration, and a plan. Then you’ll end the day with wins and what to work on. More suitable as personal planner and habit-builder than a business tool. Buy now.



The Mindful Way Workbook, $14.48
The science of
mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is made wholly accessible in this workbook designed to help people with depression, anxiety, or stress better manage their thoughts and emotions. The eight-week program teaches a new mindfulness practice each week and helps you reflect and track progress. Audio meditations are included. Buy now.


52 Lists for Happiness, $10.17
List-makers rejoice! This undated journal is designed to help you discern what makes you happy by creating a thoughtful list a week. Each of the 52 prompts help you reflect, acknowledge, and invest in yourself as a way to bring more joy and balance into your life. Buy now.



Secret Garden Coloring Book, $14.36
Adult coloring has gone mainstream as a way to calm your mind. With this artist’s edition of 20 illustrations from Johanna Basford’s book Secret Garden, you’ll also feel the joy of creating something worth framing. Oversized and printed on heavy cardstock, each page is easily removable for display. Buy now.


Soak it away


Coconut Milk Bath Soak, $24
The pressure starts to lower just thinking about a long, warm soak in the tub. With Herbivore Botanical’s bath soak, you can peacefully luxuriate in the chemical-free goodness of coconut milk (known to reduce inflammation), the scent of vanilla, and baking soda (a natural antibacterial agent). Buy now.



The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush, $19.47
Lush is much loved for its beauty products made from fresh organic ingredients, and The Comforter doesn’t disappoint. As you draw your bath, crush the bubble bar under the faucet to create pink water and creamy bubbles that will wrap you in the aroma of blackcurrent candy. Buy now.


Turn up the heat


Heated Massaging Pillow, $39.99
This portable pillow may become your new BFF. It replicates shiatsu massage, which balances the energy pathways in your body. The 12 massaging nodes provide heat and deep kneading at three different speeds. And it conveniently comes with a car charger to pamper your lower back during long drives. Buy now.



Fox Warming Pillow, $38.66
Whenever you’re chilled or tense, slyly wrap this pillow around your neck and shoulders to feel the warmth of a good friend named Noah. The fleece-covered fox quickly heats up in the microwave and stays warm for 45 minutes. Buy now.


Grow something


Smart Herb Garden Kit, $59.95
Homegrown herbs give a sense of control, and make us more mindful of what we put into our body. This advanced kit, inspired by NASA, makes growing herbs a sure thing through the use of “smart soil” and LED lights. The manufacturer, Click & Grow, insists its system uses no harmful substances, like pesticides and plants hormones. Buy now.



Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit, $19.97
Growing something from seed brings deep gratification. As you nurture the four types of Bonsais in this kit, you’ll discover the Japanese art of telling a story through living illusion. Included are four packets of organic seeds, biodegradable growing pots, compressed soil pellets, plant markers, and step-by-step instructions. Buy now.


Sleep well


Sleep Sound Machine, $31.99
Everything looks better after a good night’s sleep. And for some of us, a little background noise is the key to our slumber. This tiny, portable sound machine emits 10 different sounds: five fans, four white noise variations, and ocean waves. It also doubles as a wireless speaker or  a way to make conference calls with your smartphone. Buy now.


Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask, $12.90
Lightweight and contoured, this sleep mask will block out light for sleeping or meditation without putting pressure on your eyes. Thoughtfully included are two Moldex ear plugs to cancel out disruptive noise. Buy now.



Wakeup Light with Sunrise Simulation, $126.96
Phillips has engineered light therapy into a bedside clock that simulates the sunrise 20 to 40 minutes before your alarm to wake you gradually and refreshed. At night, you can drift off to sleep with a dimming sunset. The clock comes with five calming wake-up sounds, FM radio, and snooze button, just in case. Buy now.











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