20 tiny ways to kick-start a change

October 31, 2016
kick-start a change

When you’re longing for a change, it’s time to build your enthusiasm with any of these 20 change kick-starters. There’s no reason to wait — that perfect moment almost never appears.

1. Ask yourself: If not now, when?

2. Decide to change.

3. Say your goal out loud to yourself or someone else. It feels good.

4. Ask yourself: What would life be like without this change?

5. Release yourself and others from blame. It doesn’t matter how you got where you are.

6. Build your intolerance for how things are now.

7. Each time you complain about things, stop and come up with a solution.

8. Ask yourself: Who do I know who has done something like this? It’s instant inspiration.

9. Describe who you will be after the change.

10. Dream large about the outcome.

11. Acknowledge what you’re afraid of. Remind yourself that it’s worth the risk.

12. Ask yourself: What do I have control over in this situation? How can I take that control?

13. Remind yourself of the biggest, scariest change you ever made. Draw strength from that experience.

14. Eliminate something or someone that would distract you.

15. Spend 10 minutes a day researching solutions.

16. Jot down your ideas. Review them on a regular basis.

17. Pick one small thing to do differently.

18. Create a progress tracker.

19. Come up with a way to reward yourself every time you make progress.

20. Listen to the words of Christopher Robbin, who said to Pooh: “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

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