5 big benefits of asking for help

August 13, 2012

Have you ever noticed that some of the most capable people we know don’t seem capable of asking for help? And maybe, just maybe, one of them is you? In Unstuck speak, we call this acting like a Lone Leader.

To get unstuck, it takes a shift in how you think so you can change how you act. Lone Leaders tend to think that needing help makes them vulnerable in some way. The risk of tarnishing their (self) image blocks the path that can be receptive to assistance.

To begin revising thoughts from help=bad to help=better, consider these amazing rewards of letting someone else into your struggle.

1. Relationship building. Just imagine the smart, connected people you could meet if you put out the call for help. Or, if the assistance comes from someone you know, your bond will get stronger, more familiar, more relaxed and satisfying.

2. Happiness giving. Plainly put, people like to help. They find it gratifying that they can make someone else’s life easier. When you give them that chance, you are making at least two people’s worlds a little brighter.

3. Competence shining. Akin to making someone happy, allowing a person to help you lets them tap into their superpower, be a hero, and enjoy a sense of purpose. That makes the act of accepting help one of generosity, not neediness.

4. Health bringing. With help comes relief, and relief goes a long way in stamping out energy-sapping stress and negativity. In short, you’ll feel, think, and act better.

5. Productivity driving. Help, of course, will let you be more efficient, successful, creative, useful—all the things that you crave in your stuck moment.

When you’re ready for help, Unstuck’s “Call in the Cavalry” tool will let you zero in on exactly who and what you need. Then polish your requesting skills with “The art of asking for help.”

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