5 exhilarating benefits of making even the tiniest plan

January 13, 2013

Whatever side of the fence you sit on, it’s easy to agree that there are planners and non-planners. Simple as that, right? Well, maybe…

Let’s start with reasons people don’t plan. Do you relate to any of these statements?

I’m not good at it because…

• “I’m spontaneous. I can’t be hemmed in like that.”

• “My mind doesn’t work that way.”

• “I’m a big picture thinker, other people are the doers.”

I get bored because…

• “It’s not fun.”

• “My eyes cross when I have to look at grids, charts, and lots of numbers.”

I’m afraid that…

• “I’ll lose momentum.”

• “It will squash my creativity.”

• “My plan won’t work.”

I don’t have time because…

• “I need to do something else that’s urgent.”

• “I don’t have the right tools or information.”

The more you declare any of these justifications, the more truthful they become in your mind. But, if deep down you’d like to stop operating on a wing and a prayer (and all the angst that comes with it), try replacing why you can’t with what you’ll get from just a small amount of planning.

Benefit of planning #1: Your idea is going to become even better because you’ll examine it from a different perspective and possibly discover some blind spots in your thinking.

Benefit of planning #2: The plan provides an excellent way to explain your ideas to others, and get them onboard.

Benefit of planning #3: You’ll gain better control over how your idea is implemented. And better control increases the likelihood of success.

Benefit of planning #4: You’ll save time. Knowing in advance what’s been done and what needs to be done eliminates frantic moments of confusion and duplication of effort.

Benefit of planning #5: No surprises — or at least far fewer. So with fewer fires to put out, your confidence can come from a place of knowledge rather than hope.

Now wouldn’t that be a relief?

When you’re ready, explore these simple planning tactics for the confirmed non-planner.

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