5 quick(ish) fixes to get you re-inspired

What causes something we love (or at least enjoy) to go a bit stale? We can think of three broad reasons: The situation is more complicated than it needs to be. Or the situation is more limiting than it needs to be. Or we’re taking things for granted. Finding fresh perspective is a strong antidote.

If your situation is kind of complicated:
•  Simplify. In our pursuit of perfection, many of us tend to add steps or people to the process that aren’t absolutely necessary. In addition to freeing up time, minimizing or eliminating can cut through the noise that blocks motivation.
Stop stressing. Habits like procrastination and excessive worry introduce pressure that instantly saps inspiration and joy.

If your situation is kind of limiting:
Change things up. Is there another way, maybe even a better way? Challenge yourself to improve the process. Just thinking about making a difference can get the adrenaline flowing.
Learn something. Surely, you don’t know everything about what you’re doing. Is there a skill that could use some honing? Someone you could trade insights with? How about blogging?

If you’ve forgotten what you admire:
Get grateful. List all the things that drew you to your situation. Savor them. Maybe even share them. Gratitude is a powerful reminder and motivator.

What’s killing your motivation?
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