5 steps to get crisp about that idea floating in your head

March 11, 2013

Getting stuck as a Fuzzy Forecaster is like playing a game of tag with a wisp of an idea — and you’re always “it.” You can never quite grasp the full picture, no matter how fast you run.

So stop running. Catch your breath. Then come at your idea from various angles, putting the picture together piece by piece. In writing. It’s almost uncanny how thoughts get clearer when we write them down.

Angle #1
What do you see as the end result? In other words, when this idea comes to be, you’ll know because….

Angle #2
What problem are you trying to solve? How is this problem being solved now?

Angle #3
Who will care about this idea? Why will they like it or not like it?

Angle #4
How is this idea different from other ideas about the same topic or issue?

Angle #5
What does this idea require in order to get off the ground?

Get as specific as you can in all of your answers, because those specifics are going to connect the dots for you. They’re going to tell you both what your idea is and how it works.

When you think you’ve got it, say your idea out loud two or three times. If you want to get your idea even sharper, turn it into an elevator pitch. Going up!

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