An antidote to feeling overwhelmed



One of the easiest ways to stop feeling overwhelmed is to walk away. Chuck it all and don’t look back.

Except — and you knew that was coming, right? — this leaves the things you cared about before they got to be too much abandoned alongside all the extra stuff that was eating away at your time and energy.

We worry about this at Unstuck.

Making life better is one of the worthiest pursuits imaginable, but we definitely see a common tendency to get overloaded. Not knowing where to start. Not knowing what to let go of. Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. And the idea of you giving up out of frustration…well, there has to be an alternative. So here’s what we propose:

Keep your betterment efforts simple. Pick just one thing and go for it. And when we say “go for it,” we mean in the way that suits you best, whether it’s bite-sized steps, private journaling, meaningful conversations, or loose plans. There’s no dictate on how to do it, just a request that you don’t let yourself get overloaded.

With that request in mind, we created a gallery of single-focus goals for you to consider. Each comes with an inspiring quote and a link to supporting advice. Browse them. Ruminate. Then pick the right one for right now in your life. The rest can wait.