Apps for a fresh start

There’s nothing like a clean slate, right? It gives us all kinds of motivation to get it right or make it better. In a way, it’s an international time of getting unstuck! In this spirit, Apple put together a round-up of apps that can help us tackle some commonly vexing concerns in our lives.

Eating right, for instance. Easing into a healthy diet is a more realistic approach than leaping into veganism. And we can’t think of a more delicious way to do it than with a smoothie. Whole Living magazine’s Smoothies app gives you 36 simple recipes for only $1.99.   

And how about money—at least 99% of us fret about this. The DebtMinder app ($1.99) is designed to help you become debt-free. One less worry to occupy your mind in 2013!

Time is another scarcity in our lives, no matter how much cash you have. If you haven’t heard about Evernote yet, well, it’s time you did. It’s an easy-to-use (and free) organizing system for the gobs of information that we need to absorb and somehow remember every day. And being organized saves us you-know-what.

For a clearer mind, there’s Unstuck, of course, but, for three bucks you can also get the ideas flowing with Inspiro, which use word randomization to prod your creativity. 

Have you found an app that is improving an aspect of your life? Let us know!