Baby Stucks: Last-minute change of plans

I had some complications with the epidural during my first child’s delivery, so I decided that this time around (I’m in my third trimester) I’m going natural. Determined to do it right, my husband and I picked up a book on The Bradley Method, a natural childbirth approach that calls for your partner to be your coach.

We diligently began working our way through the 1970s pictures of naked hairy people demonstrating labor positions, which made me wonder: Have there been no labor pictures and videos taken after the decade of the ‘stache and Farrah ‘do?

Anyway, we were deep into the book by the time I went for my 38-week check-up, only to discover that my baby had turned – in the wrong direction! I had already checked that box — you know, the one that says she’s head down and ready to go — at 32 weeks. But in a single moment, my dream of natural delivery was replaced by a highly medicated, clinically surgical one. I felt powerless.

What could I do? I couldn’t fight it. I couldn’t stay stuck on method au naturel. My best bet was to get prepared.

Now getting prepared can have different meanings for different people. My mom decided to watch an actual C-section video in all its gory details. Pass. My husband polled his colleagues on whether or not he should “peak behind the curtain.” Consensus was NO. I decided to talk to friends who had gone through “a section” before.

I learned from them, among other things, that I wouldn’t be doing laundry any time soon. And farting while still in the hospital is very important. Informative, sure, but it was the sharing of their own dreams of labor that shifted to the operating room that made me feel not so stuck. Not so alone in this. And in the end, they pointed out, the result did match the picture in their heads — a beautiful baby in their arms.

Yes! I can do this!

Next post: Sabrina’s breech delivery is anything but birthing as usual.

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