Baby Stucks: My birthday wish comes true — sort of

You know those obnoxious people who are completely obsessed with their birthdays, planning for the next one the day after the last one? Well, that’s me. Hey, we’re all getting older regardless so why not milk the attention when you can get it?

This year, however, my tried-and-true celebration ideas felt wrong. The thought of going out for a wild night of shots at the bars, breast pump in tow, didn’t appeal. If I threw an event at home with the kids involved I knew it would turn into a glorified play date. I was craving a party with a theme other than Elmo. I wanted an occasion with great cocktails worthy of a pump and dump (as in breast milk). But it just didn’t seem possible this time.

After wallowing in self-pity and nostalgia over birthdays pasts, I realized I needed to embrace my new reality with a fresh perspective.  So I decided to throw a soiree that catered to a wider audience split in two parts: the “adult” floor with champagne and cheese pairings, and the “kiddy” floor with juice boxes and Teddy Grahams.  In my mind’s eye, I pictured parents taking turns between watching their kids and schmoozing, while the children, safely contained on their own level, shared toys and played nicely together.

And that’s what happened …  for at least 30 minutes. By the end, kids were jumping on beds and eating cheese and crackers, while parents were playing with blocks and diving into the teddy grahams.

Me, I sat back with my third glass of champagne knowing that this party, albeit not exactly what I’d envisioned, was definitely worth dumping my alcohol-tainted breast milk.  Next year, truffle-filled piñatas!

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