Baby Stucks: Tales of a working mom

A bit about me: I’m 100% Dutch, but moved to the U.S. when I was five. As a result, I’m a tall, blue-eyed spend thrift with a love of football and Coors Light pitchers. My upbringing was pretty simple — work super hard and never be satisfied with anything less than perfection. That’s all. This has led me to great accomplishment, and to unnecessary disappointment when things don’t go exactly right. My poor husband.

These days, I’m a 30-something working mom of two, living a quasi-suburban existence on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Well, suburban for New York City standards.  My son did know how to hail a taxi before he knew the word for car. He thinks rats are common outdoor pets. And he uses the fountains at the museum as his swimming pool.

While my kids are at “school” (somehow the term daycare has fallen out of fashion), I work at SYPartners, managing the team of project managers. I’m definitely the kind of person who just likes to work and I honestly don’t feel one ounce of guilt dropping the kiddos off each day. Not one ounce. Really. I mean it. I’m not a bad mom. Right?

I want to believe that becoming a mom has chilled me out a bit, but my ambitions are still to be great at everything — as a successful businesswoman, a loving wife, a thoughtful parent, and a sane human being. Complicated stuff.

Especially when life gets unpredictable, or worse, uncontrollable. You just get stuck sometimes, you know? That’s why I’m writing these blog posts. To share my adventures, not my expertise, in trying to master the art of the working mom. Perhaps you’ll find my stories interesting. Or helpful. Or just a bit ridiculous. All is fine with me.

Next post: Surprised that her baby is in breech position, Sabrina finds a way to adapt to this unwelcome news.


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