Baby Stucks: What to expect when you’re on maternity leave

I haven’t quite pulled the plug on work-Sabrina, even though maternity-Sabrina took over in a hurry when

my water broke at the office.

So now I find myself in this strange place where I keep one toe (okay, maybe a whole foot) involved with work, while the rest of me seeks a sense of accomplishment from my new-Mom responsibilities.

I think I was expected to turn off all office thoughts as easily as twisting a faucet once the baby was born — but it’s not like I’m on a remote island without wifi, or my language skills have been reduced to single syllables. Besides, what else is there to do during a 2 a.m. feeding other than take a quick peek to see what’s going on with that project I couldn’t quite complete?

You might be thinking I’m a control freak, but that’s not it. I know my coworkers can survive without my two cents randomly relayed at odd hours. It’s more about filling the void of achievement. There, I’ve said it.

The requirements of caring for a newborn are not at all comparable to the requirements of running a team of creative, business-minded managers. So much good work gets done in eight hours at the office. It’s a rush! How do I convince myself that changing diapers, checking for a rash, nursing, and getting her to burp is a day well spent? I feel like I get so little done and my to-do list only gets longer.

If it weren’t for a lawyer friend of mine in the same shoes, it’s possible I’d stay in this limbo for my full maternity leave. But her advice really helped me see things differently: Stop with the to-do lists and focus on just one thing to accomplish each day. Just one thing that I can feel proud of as a mom. Because that’s my number-one job.

Pretty awesome job.

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