The best tips for getting Unstuck

For our four Tip Card Decks (available here), we condensed, distilled, unpacked, and repacked our very best tips into potent bite-size actions designed to get you unstuck. But it’s not a random deal of the cards.

The decks include Stuck Moment cards to help you zero in on the right tips — and that’s what makes them so powerful. When targeted correctly, your efforts don’t have to be big or showy or imported from Mars. They just need to trip the right wires in your head and heart.

But don’t take our word for it.

Read through four of our favorite tips, one from each deck, based on common Stuck Moments. If you like what you see, buy a deck or two. At $25, they make a thoughtful gift for someone (or yourself).

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From: Conjure Your Creativity Tip Card Deck

Stuck Moment: “I can’t decide which direction to take this.”

Tip #8 Narrow your options
Advice: In this unmanageable moment, focus your mind by restricting your resources.
Why: Constraints force you to look for less-obvious solutions.
Do this: When too many options make your mind go blank, give yourself a restriction or two, such as time • technique • words • colors • money • materials. It will instantly give you something to wrap your mind around.
After you do it: Were you at all resistant to this idea at first? Why do you think it worked for you?

*    *    *

From: Stop Your Procrastination Tip Card Deck

Stuck Moment: “I’m too busy doing other stuff.”

Tip #10 Outsmart your to-do list
Advice: In this busy moment, you need to eliminate the distractions that help you procrastinate.
Why: When you keep yourself occupied with other necessary things, you relieve guilt and still manage to avoid the dreaded task. By removing what’s less pressing, your procrastination has nowhere to hide.
Do this: Create a smart to-do list that contains only the things that you’re avoiding. If you need to respond to an email — and you know you’ll get to it that day — leave it off your list. Then stare at your to-do’s until you figure out what you’re going to do first.
After you do it: How long did it take to get started? What finally made you take action?

*   *   *

From: Boost Your Productivity Tip Card Deck

Stuck Moment: “I can’t get enough done working with this group.”

Tip #4 Win them with kindness
Advice: In this aggravated moment, you need to strengthen connections so people want to help.
Why: Strong connections make people feel valued. And when they feel valued, they become better collaborators. That makes everyone more productive.
Do this: Treat every relationship as one that matters. 1. Express genuine interest in what people care about. 2. Voice your gratitude liberally and regularly. 3. Take breaks to chat, even during your busiest times. 4. Explain what is making you frustrated.
After you do it: Which tactic comes most easily to you? Is this tactic also the most effective one?

*   *   *

From: Stop Your Negative Thinking Tip Card Deck

Stuck Moment: “At least I’m not as bad off as that person.”

Tip #3 Stop making sport of others
Advice: In this low-confidence moment, you need to avoid talking down other people as a way to make yourself feel better.
Why: Making fun is like a sugar high that temporarily amuses, but you eventually crash. In the long run, you spend a lot of energy doing nothing to erase your insecurity.
Do this: When you’re tempted to trash talk, shift your focus. Pick one of your best qualities and come up with ways to make it even better. If you’re good at golfing, try teaching kids. If you’re an excellent baker, host a dessert party. This kind of confidence building yields much longer-lasting results than a teardown.
After you do it: Does your situation still feel as hopeless as before?

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