Getting things done in a world of distractions

Life can be a steady series of interruptions, distractions, and information overload—so much so that at the end of the day many of us go home to work because we can’t get anything done in the office. Even then, trying to find time to focus becomes a job. After a while, a vicious cycle can occur when we start using our hectic days as an excuse to not focus on necessary tasks. And then, well, we’re seriously stuck.

Research group The 99% suggests an interesting tactic called the Short & Sweet process that is designed to help us work within our busy days (and nights) rather than try to change them. The idea is to make use of those spare, unscheduled 15 minutes that come up throughout the day, because, let’s face it, finding the solid two hours you think you need just isn’t going to happen.

It requires only a modicum of planning and the desire (read: discipline) to follow through. In addition to getting things done, 99% says we’ll rediscover the joy we had for the project in the first place (Deflated Doers, take note!).

Considering that we answered two questions, responded to email, and set up a meeting during the writing of this blog post, we are definitely game to try this.