Groundhog Day: Phil Connors gets unstuck as a Fuzzy Forecaster

June 19, 2014

His stuck moment: Cynical weather forecaster Phil Connors is trapped in an endless time loop, doomed to relive February 2 again and again. At least he’s got oodles of time to figure out how to seduce Rita, his beautiful news producer. But he can’t figure out the right way to do it.

He imagines success: Depressed and dejected by the futility of it all, Phil asks for Rita’s advice on his “curse.” Her simple and candid response shows him the way to her heart, and he refocuses his efforts.

Unstuck result: Phil wins Rita over with his newfound sincerity, including a stirring tribute to the townsfolk. She bids for Phil at a bachelor auction and, when they wake up together the next morning, the time loop is broken.

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