Here we are. Where are we?

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Unstuck is not political. Nor does it comment on religious beliefs.

Unstuck is about living better. Striving to be our best selves. And in this moment of unrest in America, we’re not sure any of us are doing either of those things.

The reasons don’t matter. The consequences do.

We’re feeling attacked. We’re feeling righteous. We are visibly, audibly, emotionally, physically divided. And it hurts.

It doesn’t matter what side you’re on (if you’re on a side). It hurts. Even for those whose anger has been unleashed, it hurts. The pain of being misunderstood. Of not being heard. Of losing hope. In this moment, we are all united in despair.

Some of us are showing up in hateful ways. Some of us are showing up in angry ways. Some of us are retreating. Some visibly scared. None of us is showing up as our best selves.

It hurts.

Where do we go from here? Do we stand strident in our anger? Cower in our fear? Remain divisible until the inevitable bitter end?

We hope not.

You, as an individual, have a choice in how you act and react.

You can humbly admit wrongdoing. You can compassionately seek to understand and empathize. You can remember that you are human, that we are all human, that we all, in the beginning and the end, are the same.

It hurts right now. And it’s so, so hard. Yet, it will be harder still to cling to the divide, to choose to misunderstand. To create enemies among the people with whom we live.

You can make a difference, every day. Through kindness. Through curiosity. Through dialogue that leads to understanding. Through actions that bring us together in shared desires. Because there is a shared desire — that we all live well in a country based on the belief that we are free to live as who we are.

How will you choose to show up?