How to find your missing motivation

February 20, 2014

The biggest sign that we’re acting like a Deflated Doer is when we stop caring as much about doing our best. It feels pretty rotten. What used to inspire us can’t compete with an overwhelming sense of futility. We’re unmotivated. Just going through the motions.

But for every stuck moment, there is a way to move forward — guaranteed. For Deflated Doers, it’s about seeing the situation in a new way. What way? you ask. That depends, we answer.

There are four kinds of Deflated Doers (take our mini-quiz to discover your tendency).

Discouraged Doers are puzzled that their driving enthusiasm has landed them on the sideline instead of the finish line. They need to take stock of the reality of the situation.

Detached Doers have distanced themselves from others, and that outsider feeling leaves them less inclined to give their all. They need to figure out a more engaging role for themselves.

Defensive Doers are self-protective to the degree where very little of the good stuff penetrates their shields of safety. They need to open their eyes and minds to positive possibilities.

Deluged Doers are overcome with so much responsibility that they‘d like to wash their hands of it all. They need to focus on the moment rather than anticipate the future.

We’ve put together a Motivation Boosters Worksheet that offers a perspective-shifting exercise for each type. But you don’t have to swim just in your own lane. Try any of the activities that sound like they’ll give you a spark.

DOWNLOAD THIS: A printable worksheet to boost your motivation

How to dig deeper for missing motivation
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