How to live and work with purpose

Kristin Walter was a natural pick for our first Unstuck Hero because she chose to carve purpose out of the life she already had.

Unstuck reader Judith reminds us, however, that purpose doesn’t have to be lofty or world-changing.

“Perhaps it’s less about finding your purpose and more about living a life of purpose,” she said. “That’s more challenging, but it’s something anyone can learn to do in every moment of every day. Whether it’s choosing kindness and compassion in interactions with others, respecting the Earth in the choices one makes, or simply doing one’s job mindfully and with joy—yes, joy—whatever that job may be. I actually believe that would lead to the creation of the kinds of workplaces, jobs, and companies we’d all love to be a part of.”

We absolutely agree. And, for more ideas from your fellow Unstuck readers of how to bring joy and purpose to your job, check out How to Make a Boring Job Better.

Also, if you’re part of a team at work that sometimes struggles to find the purpose in what you do, our colleagues at Teamworks (also founded by SYPartners) can help. Any manager can sign up for a free two-week trial at Select “Purpose” as your first “Focus Habit”, and you’ll find tools to create a team purpose statement, and come up with actions that keep purpose part of the day-to-day flow.

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