How to really shine (Hint: Be yourself)

December 17, 2015

Let’s start the new year as ourselves — magnified.

Just imagine it. As we walk the chilly corridors of January, we give off a certain something, that je ne sais quoi usually spotted in the picture-perfect pages of magazines. Our confidence swells. Others are drawn into our orbit. We have something to offer — and we’re offering it.

Are we being overly romantic? Maybe. But hear us out.

There’s something that you’re good at. Really, really good at. But in the swirl that is life, it’s probably gathered some dust, as you scramble with paperwork, home repairs, and finding five minutes to breathe.

So let’s take those five minutes now (pretend you’re reading a work email if need be) to breathe and ponder: What is that misplaced thing I do so well that brings me joy? Here are some thought starters: serve as the glue for your family, find the singular treasure at flea markets, cheer people up, get to the heart of the matter, rearrange rooms to feel more spacious.

Once you identify it (and there may be more than one thing), get sentimental. Remember how and when and what it felt like. It felt like you, didn’t it? You at your shining best. Which begs the question: How can you bring that back into your life? How can you bring that back in spades?

When you find the answer, actively make room for it in your life. Your insides will rejoice. You’ll be invigorated. Energized. Ready to greet each day with optimism.

And people will notice, though that’s not really the point. But they will, and they’ll want to be near this person who is reveling in the best part of themselves. And so will you.

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