How Unstuck can help with your 2012 diet and fitness goals

We’ve been bombarded with ads, emails, and articles about getting fit since the minute Christmas ended. Not that we weren’t expecting it. And not that we don’t want to shape up a bit before summer. But the choices are overwhelming.

Do I spring for monthly fees at the gym or buy P90X so I can sweat alone? Do I prefer quinoa recipes or brown rice? Should I detox? Do I want to do cardio or weight training or both? Should I buy those new Nike trainers

If you tend to waffle over your choices, you should head straight to the “Pros vs Pros” tool in the Unstuck app. In about one-minute flat, it helps us make a choice by following our gut instincts—not our meandering, overthinking brain. Ready, set, decide!

But wait. Sometimes our fitness inertia goes deeper than which pair of shoes to wear. We want those beautiful abs and healthy hearts, really we do, but we-don’t-know-what keeps stopping us. That’s when we turn to another Unstuck tool: “Tell Me Why.” It systematically gets to the core of why we won’t join Zumba class. Then we can do something about it.

Now we have no excuse for not dropping those 10 pounds. What about you?

P.S.: Thanks to P90X for the awesomely motivating photo.