How we get stuck acting like a Drifter

Stuck moments often start with wanting something to be better in our lives. But on occasion, we get stuck when we don’t know what we want. Sure, we have options, we’re just not certain which ones are most important to us.

This can happen because we’re actively listening. It’s a wonderful quality to have. But sometimes, we listen so much that the jumble of opinions we hear overwhelms our own views.

Even the best-intentioned people in our lives can unintentionally promote their own agendas to us. When you look below the surface of what they are saying, you may discover that they are fearful of something that isn’t a concern to us. Or their goal doesn’t fit well in our own lives. Their outlook could be contrary to what we believe and how we want to act. Or, they simply make it their job to be a naysayer.

We may also have some habits that contribute to the confusion.
• We want to keep the peace or avoid confrontation.
• We care a bit too much what others think of us.
• We give more weight to others’ convictions than our own.
• We are afraid to fail.

The very good news is: Acting like a Drifter isn’t a permanent state of being. Try these exercises aimed at figuring out what matters most to you. And the next time you’re setting a goal, ask yourself these questions.

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