How we get stuck acting like a Fuzzy Forecaster

Inkling. Glimmer. Hunch. This is often how our best ideas start. It may be a flash in our mind or a slow-creeping nag at the back of the brain. Either way, a fledging piece of brilliance is telling us it’s ready for further development.

But sometimes we don’t develop the idea. Instead, it languishes as a whisper — something we know could be great if only we could hear or see it more clearly. But we can’t, so now we’re stuck acting like a Fuzzy Forecaster.

Confusion is the hallmark of this moment. You’re confused about what the idea is. The people you explain it to are confused by what you’re saying. You’re confused some more because you can’t figure out why the concept is so hazy.

You could just let the idea go, but brace yourself for the regret of what might have been.

Or you could try to imagine the idea differently.

Usually, we see the big picture first, then fill in the blanks. In a Fuzzy Forecaster moment, it helps to build up to the big picture by putting it together piece by piece.

The “Visualize It” tool in the Unstuck app guides you through the process of making a visual representation of your idea — no artistic skills required. But if you prefer words, try “5 steps to get crisp about that idea floating in your head.” It’s a great warm-up for crafting an elevator pitch, a 30-second description that leaves no room for ambiguity.

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