How we get stuck acting like a Perplexed Planner

There’s real joy to be had when things run smoothly. We know where we’re headed and what to expect. It’s comfortable and confidence building. We are in control…until we’re not.

It’s inevitable that at times our blueprint for success fails us. How we usually think about a situation or person doesn’t seem to work anymore, and then we’re stuck, acting like a Perplexed Planner.

Even the best operators can get discombobulated. And if we persist in sticking to our known tactics, we’ll stay that way. This is when we need to flip it, to channel our persistence into new ways of thinking.

Consider the pop artist Keith Haring. The more famous he became, the less accessible his art was to regular folks. So he changed his thinking and opened a retail store, an unthinkable act in the world of fine art. And it worked.

To think differently about an obstacle, we need to clear the mental clutter. Open a path for innovation. It starts by purposely taking time to turn off the noise in our daily lives and in our heads. Then try any of these 12 approaches to get through a roadblock. If the first tactic doesn’t work, try another, or a combination of them. Discovering that you can think in a fresh way is nothing short of liberating!

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