How we get stuck acting like an Ad Libber

You see things. Good things. Far-flung, unthought-of things with a clarity that others marvel at. Some may call it visionary or creative or even genius. Whatever you name it, your ideas help push the world forward in big and small ways. Thank you.

But, as big-idea man Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.” And perspiration takes some planning.

All of us get caught once in a while without a plan; some, however, tend to skate above the details more often, and that’s when we can get stuck acting like an Ad Libber.

Maybe you find planning dreary. Or your brain is hard-wired to think expansively, rather than practically. There are a bunch of reasons Ad Libbers prefer to wing it, despite knowing that their odds of succeeding lessen.

At Unstuck we believe that even a modicum of organizing can help push past this type of stuck moment. Our app’s “Get Your Game On” tool is a super-simple way to devise a plan — no spreadsheets or complicated systems required. (You can download the free Unstuck iPad app here.)

And for more easy ways to weave efficiency into your great ideas, see our post “Planning for the Non-Planners.

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