How we get stuck acting like an Idle Achiever

There’s a group of us who see things that the rest of us don’t. Some are visionaries, big picture thinkers, like Steve Jobs. Others are consummate doers, who make it a habit to solve life’s everyday problems. In both cases, they get things done. And when the norm is full speed ahead, getting stuck in neutral can be especially uncomfortable.

It’s what we call acting like an Idle Achiever. We see the solution but something stops us from making it materialize. We start…then we stop. Start. Stop. It’s very uncharacteristic of us, which makes it so vexing. If this sounds familiar, it’s because 24% of people who use the Unstuck app fall into this category at one moment or another.

At times like these, even if our vision is 20/20, we need to shore up our belief in the task at hand so we can truly commit to it. Instead of focusing on the solution, we need to zero in on the process, the details, the why and how. Because this is where we’ll find the obstacles that have us stuck.

Sometimes we’re concerned about what it will take to get it done. You know you need to organize the garage, but the thought of rounding up the family to do it, and the arguments that will ensue, keep you tripping over the garden tools on the way to the car.

Or maybe it’s the details that aren’t your strong suit. The notion of starting your own business dances like sugarplums in your head, but the paperwork, the legal hoops, or the mere mention of spreadsheets sours your motivation.

The imagined result may also be the culprit. If you recommend to your boss that the company hold monthly meetings, you may end up as the event planner, saddled with more work than you feel you can take on.

But if you’re a natural-born problem-solver, as most Idle Achievers are, you’ll be able to see your way through these stuck moments — once you know the core reason. To help you dig down to the crux, use the Tell Me Why tool in the Unstuck app. 

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