How we get stuck as a Lone Leader

| August 13, 2012

Calling all over-achievers: Listen up! This type of stuck moment often lands on you.

You’re used to going above and beyond, whatever the task — by definition, that’s what you do. And those around you are used to it as well. Everyone expects it.

But now and again, a project seems to get the better of you. It may be too big (“This will take forever to do by myself”). It may have snuck up during an especially hectic time (“I’m spread too thin”). It may require knowledge that you don’t have (“This is beyond me”).

And then you’re stuck, acting like a Lone Leader. The antidote is amazingly simple. Ask for help. So why don’t we? 

Lots of reasons. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

• “It’s easier to do it myself.”

• “I don’t want to appear incompetent.”

• “I’ll look like I’m needy.”

• “It will be used against me.”

• “They might think I’m not perfect.”

•  “I don’t want to lose control of the situation.”

We won’t argue with these statements, which may or may not be the reality of the situation, but we will remind you that no matter how much you believe these reasons, the fact remains: Help will get you unstuck, not getting help will keep you stuck. 

No go? Still convinced it’s better to go it alone? Then consider these 5 lovely benefits of accepting help.

When you are ready to request assistance, power up the “Call in the Cavalry” tool from the Unstuck app to pinpoint exactly what you need. Then check out “The art of asking for help” to make sure get off on the right foot.

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