Questions for success

There is no single approach to consciously living a better life. The Unstuck app gives us questions and prompts to looks at our situations differently, and from that comes the motivation and tools for change.

Christina Strutt, a coach in Westford, MA, who we spoke with recently, helps people move forward by finding clarity.  “Clarity is never having to say ‘it’s their fault.’ There is always a choice,“ she says. “We have the answers we need. We just have to clear away the junk to get at them.”

Both of these approaches rely on asking questions to get to the root of the issue. But what if we asked questions directed at where we want to go, rather than where we’ve been? It’s an interesting twist put forth by writer Geoffrey James.

He contends that if we ask and answer a series of pointed questions at the end of every day, we can determine our focus, which determines our success. “Real success comes from the quality of your relationships and the emotions that you experience each day,” he writes.

We’re intrigued. James’ specialty is in sales, a particularly tough field in which to stay positive (Glengarry Glen Ross comes to mind). Is finding the good in what you do each day actually a survival mechanism in a rough-and-tumble industry?

Take a look at James’ list of 10 questions and let us know what you think.