Quick health tip: If you sit most of the day, you need this easy stretch

We all rely on our hip flexor muscles to walk, bend over, climb stairs, and assist with good posture. Problem is, most Americans lead lifestyles that limit hip movements to sitting or standing, so as we grow older, our mobility, flexibility, and balance can be affected. Bottom line: Risk of injury goes up and ability to be active goes down. But you can avoid that with some easy stretching to increase hip flexibility:

1. Lunge forward on left foot.

2. Bend left knee 90 degrees, lowering right knee to the floor.

3. Tilt pelvis forward until you feel mild tension in the right hip. Return to standing position.

4. Repeat on opposite side.

Thanks to REFIT® for this tip. REFIT is a community-centered fitness program that engages the heart as a muscle and a soul.  Learn more about this revolutionary fitness community at www.REFITREV.com


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