Ready for action? There’s a tool for that

Some stuck moments call for more action, less analysis. That’s when we skip the app’s question session and head straight to the 11 tools.

We’ve matched up a common thought during a stuck moment with the tool designed to help you move forward. But there’s no rule that you can only use one tool.

Stuck thought: What’s getting in the way?
Unstuck tool: Tell Me Why.
Figuring out what holds us back usually goes below the surface. That’s why this tool nudges you to dig deeper for the real answer.

Stuck thought: I can’t decide.
Unstuck tool: Pros vs. Pros.
Indecision often comes from overthinking a situation. This tool takes away any thinking time, so you rely on your gut instinct to decide.

Stuck thought: I’m bored. I could use a change.
Unstuck tool: Shake Up Your Routine.
Boredom occurs when we need a challenge. This tool lets us look at any routine—paying bills, commuting to work, whatever you’re doing right now—to find ways to make it more interesting or purposeful.

Stuck thought: I’m overwhelmed.
Unstuck tool: Call in the Cavalry.
Even just the thought of help can sometimes bring relief. With this tool, you can go further, naming the assistance you need and crafting a plan for getting it.

Stuck thought: If I only had a plan.
Unstuck tool: Get Your Game On.
This tool makes it easy to turn those thoughts swimming in your head into a real plan, with dates and everything.

Stuck thought: I’ll do it later.
Unstuck tool: Now or Never.
Maybe you need more information to get it done. Or a plan. Or a goal. Or help. Or maybe you need a deadline…with a consequence. This tool helps you determine what it’s going to take.

Stuck thought: I don’t know what I want.
Unstuck tool: Mirror, Mirror.
You’ll know it when you see it. This tool helps you try out several ideas and rate them for what feels right, letting your instincts be your guide.

Stuck thought: I just don’t get it.
Unstuck tool: Map It Out.
When you don’t know what you don’t know, you may need fresh perspective. This tool takes what you do know and configures it in four different ways.

Stuck thought: I can almost see it!
Unstuck tool: Visualize It.
This tool helps you move your big idea from your head onto paper in a fun, visual way so you can see it, organize it, and share it.

Stuck thought: That’s not how it’s suppose to work.
Unstuck tool: Obstacle Course.
If only life went according to plan. When it doesn’t, this tool helps you devise ways to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and success.

Stuck thought: I don’t think this turn of events is good for me.
Unstuck tool: Spread the News.
Change happens, and how we react to it makes a difference. This tool lets you role play a variety of alternatives to find out which feels right for you.

Tip: You can always find the tools by tapping the house icon in the lower left of the app.

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