Reflection on our recent awards

Unstuck has won several distinctions this spring:

• Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet
• People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet
• An Appy Award for Best Lifestyle App

These industry accolades, we have to admit, have us giddy—who doesn’t like to be liked?  But awards, for us, are not just about popularity and validation. We see them as a good way to build awareness and invite more people to get Unstuck.

Our goal at Unstuck is to help people realize that getting stuck is okay because there are techniques to get unstuck. And every time you get unstuck, your life gets better in some way. Just imagine if some aspect of everyone’s life got better once month. We might not solve the world’s economic woes, but we would benefit from a lot less stress, negative emotions, and unhappiness—all the things that keep us from being, thinking, and creating at our very best.

It’s that simple, really. We win awards, the world becomes a better place. Well, maybe not that simple.

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