See how we’re stuck

Now that the Unstuck community is active (and actively growing) on the app, we thought we’d take a snapshot of how we’re getting stuck just before the major holidays. It looks like most of us could some inspiration and motivation!

Deflated Doers: 22%
Idle Achievers: 22%
Avoiders: 10%
Wafflers: 8%
Reluctant Adapters: 7.5%
Lone Leaders: 7%
Drifters: 6.5%
Perplexed Planners: 6%
Tunnel Visionaries: 5%
Ad Libbers: 4%
Fuzzy Forecasters: 2% 

The thing about getting stuck is that we don’t always do it in the same way. Avoider tendencies may come out in our personal life (I’ll renew my passport one of these days), while changes in the workplace may cause us to act more like a Reluctant Adapter (I don’t know what this means for me, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it).

What kind of stuck moment are you having right now?