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Meet Bridgette Zou: Unstuck’s Artist-in-Residence

Though many tortured artists might disagree, the challenges of being creative are a lot like the struggles we all face, whether you’re an accountant, parent, engineer, or soccer coach (or somehow, all four).

The creative process has countless prerequisites — confidence, self-reflection, inspiration, resilience, the building up and breaking down of routines, not to mention a seemingly endless battle with impostor syndrome.

At Unstuck, we believe that all of us can learn from and be inspired by the work of creative people, who are constantly in the act of problem-solving. It’s in this spirit that we are very proud to announce Unstuck’s new artist-in-residency program. We first encountered the very talented Bridgette Zou much in the way that she encountered us — by chance. We are impressed as much by the emotional intelligence and skill of her work as we are by her energy, openness, and wisdom.

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