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What a Netflix show taught me about my break-up

In the aftermath of a recent break-up, I managed to binge watch the entire second season of the Netflix show Master of None over the course of a weekend. The show stars Aziz Ansari as Dev Shah – a struggling, 30-something actor who lives in Brooklyn and whose life has some eerie similarities to my own.

Dev is obsessed with food, dating apps, and, at the end of the first season, goes through a devastating break-up. One huge difference is that, as season two begins, Dev has responded to his heartache and professional struggles by moving to a small town in Italy to work as an apprentice pasta-maker while I had only moved from my living room to my kitchen and back to get another three bowls of Fruit Loops.

At the end of my terrible, anti-social weekend of television and self-imposed sadness, I didn’t feel any better about my life. More
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