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How to take criticism like a pro

When I asked my client Braden how his relationship with his manager was going since we’d last spoken, there was a long pause.

“Braden, what happened?” I asked.

“He ripped apart a presentation I put together,” he told me, detailing an intense round of criticism. “He said I needed to start over from scratch because it totally missed the mark. I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation all weekend!”


How criticism affects us

Maybe you’ve found yourself in Braden’s shoes, feeling angry, insecure, or demoralized after getting bad feedback. When someone criticizes your work, it can feel like a confirmation of your inner critic saying you’re not good enough. Other times, a single off-handed comment (“you look tired”) launches you into an existential crisis about how you’re too old and have accomplished nothing with your life.

But if you want to do anything important in the world, you’ll inevitably get negative
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