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How to have a better day

Have a better day

Pop quiz: When is the last time you were none of these things?

  • Worried
  • Anxious
  • Distracted
  • Scattered
  • Forgetful
  • Regretful
  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed
  • Tired

Can’t recall, right? We’ve all got a lot on our minds. Ruminating on old mistakes. Avoiding new ones. Planning what we need to do. Anticipating what we’ll forget. It’s a constant scramble.

But what if we could clear up our jumbled thoughts?

What if we could leave the past in the past, the future to the future?

If we could give our whole attention to what we’re doing as we’re doing it?

Then we’d be fully present. Whatever we’re doing, we’d likely do it better. Conversations would become more fruitful. Tasks could become less tedious. Trust, empathy, adaptability — all would deepen and grow. We’d be engaged in each moment, so each moment would count.

Being present is an attitude shift. It doesn’t change the world, but it changes how we experience it — what we notice, how we respond. It’s a commitment
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Make your fear work for you

You’ve cut through the excuses — I don’t have enough time, I don’t know what to do — and now you’re standing face to face with your fear. And you’re paralyzed.

Your mind is in a tailspin of what-ifs and worst-case scenarios. Your breathing gets faster, palms sweat, mouth goes dry. Everything feels shaky and insecure. You wish you could tackle the challenge…but you also want to run and hide and face your fear another day. You are classically stuck.

But what if you could harness your fear and turn it into a power source, one that would propel you forward and build your confidence in unexpected ways? Yes, we thought you’d be interested, so we tapped into the collective wisdom of our colleagues at SYPartners (the creator of Unstuck). Inspired by their knowledge, experience, and courage, here is a four-step process to transform fear into fuel (with follow-ups
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How to escape the busyness trap

“I’m so busy!”

It’s the auto-pilot response to “How are you?” these days. And of course we are busy. In addition to family, friends, and work, we’ve got a whole world at our fingertips to keep up with.

All this busyness can be overwhelming. But it can also be comforting — for a couple of reasons. Being busy brings a kind of badge of honor that the world needs us. It’s also an excellent way to steer clear of life’s thornier issues.

And that’s when we can get stuck — taking life as it comes rather than giving direction to how we spend our days.

I’m busy, therefore I am
Quick story: Ann was waiting for the restroom at one of Boston’s trendier brunch places. A woman got in line behind her and casually began complaining about her lack of free time. So many obligations on the weekends, she said, kept her jumping from one
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