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Why I said ‘yes’ to everything for a week

After being laid off from my second start-up and ending a three-year relationship in the first few months of 2016, I knew I had to seriously shake things up to feel like I was back on track with my life.

I found myself flooded with emotion; from sadness, self-pity, and regret, to anger that work and people I cared a lot about were being ripped away (or at least that’s how it felt). I had an overwhelming feeling that I had left too much unfinished or, as I somewhat dramatically tweeted that week: The feeling of leaving something important left unfinished without having the opportunity to complete it is haunting.

The birth of Yes Week

When I found out I would no longer be spending my hours pouring over projects that meant a lot to me, I dove into a two-week-long pity party of late-night drinking, junk-food eating, and lots of teary happy
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The dark truth about a five-year plan

Where do you see yourself in five years? If you’ve ever been caught off-guard by this question in an interview, you’re not alone.

The idea of a five-year plan is so popular because it promises certainty. That if we follow a linear path to success, happiness will follow.

But trying to predict the future is a losing battle. It’s impossible to know what your priorities will be a few years from now, let alone the opportunities you’ll be presented with down the line.

How a five-year plan can get you stuck

It’s great to be goal-oriented. I’m the first to let my Type-A flag fly high! Yet in my coaching practice, I see how a rigid fixation on planning your future can backfire, closing you off from important opportunities to grow.  

Many of my clients get so preoccupied trying to perfectly execute the details of their five-year plan that they get
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How to cultivate the habits that matter to you

A few years ago I made a dramatic move from Brooklyn to Maine. I didn’t pack my bags and leave because living in the city was a burden or too rough; quite the opposite, actually. Living in the city was fun. (A lot of fun!) 

But the day-to-day events of my life eventually overtook over my ambitions. Life was great, but it wasn’t exactly conducive to cultivating the kind of habits I needed to achieve my long-term goals. And make no mistake: To achieve your goals you have to cultivate the right habits. It isn’t easy, but it is essential. 

First envision what you really want

Picking the habits that work for you entails imagining the kind of life you want to live. It’s just impossible to transform habits into accomplished goals if you don’t even know what you want in the first place. Something that Barbara Sher suggests in her book Wishcraft is
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It’s high time to make a mid-year resolution

No matter how hard we try to make an effective resolution each new year, an estimated 80 percent(!) of them fail by the second week of February. There are plenty of reasons for this: Cold weather for some, the post-holiday blues for others. Some researchers believe that the most depressing day of the year is in late January, which hardly seems like the time to add the pressure of your loftiest ambitions to the equation.

But who says that a resolution has to be set in January? And who says that you can’t rededicate yourself again in the summer? Regardless of whether your old goals still loom or if they’ve been replaced by more pressing ones, we’ve made this handy printable guide with 10 tips to recharge your resolutions.

DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE: Stalled on your goal? 10 tips to get going again 




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How to stop planning and start doing

stop planning, start doing

There is nothing I love more than a fresh planner. I love goal setting and making to-do lists and organizing my thoughts to no end. As someone who often gets stuck in Idle Achiever mode, planning is my preferred method of procrastination. It feels really productive. But there certainly comes a point when planning gets in the way of doing.

If you like to hunker down in planning mode when you should be getting down to business, here are some tips to help you get the ball rolling:

1. Set small goals

You don’t need an elaborate master plan for every single task. Don’t drag out the planning process until it becomes bogged down in detail. Set small, simple goals and work toward them immediately. When your emphasis is on the work, you’ll get to your desired result.

James Clear, who writes about habit transformation, says that your
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A strategy to really, truly reach your goal

Top of the mountain

Stuck Moment: After a few weeks of gung-ho enthusiasm, we’re tempted to slip back into old habits and give up our resolutions.

You have to admire the enthusiasm that washes over us every January. It’s like we’re scrubbed shiny-clean with aspiration to make our lives better. Plus, we know we’re not the only ones trying to shed holiday pounds or master Twitter or finally launch a new business — giving us a nice boost from the camaraderie department.

Sometimes fresh zeal and plenty of company are enough to reach the finish line. But, not usually. This is a big “but,” because when we fall short, it’s easy to blame our willpower or circumstance, and be done with it.  “Okay,” we say. “I’m too tired at night to cook, so it’s another year of ordering takeout. I can afford it. Sort of.” Sigh.

Not okay, because we haven’t given ourselves a decent run at
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How I learned to always have a Plan B

When it comes to resilience, Corynne Corbett has displayed more than most throughout her career in the mixed-up world of magazine publishing. Rather than merely survive, she thrived in an industry under assault — while at the same time devising her exit plans. Here, Corynne tells her story of ups and downs, and shares insights that led to creating and acting on her own Plan B.

During the last decade in my career as an editor in the world of women’s magazines, I lost my job on three different occasions. The first time came abruptly when the company filed for Chapter 11. The next time my position was eliminated. Most recently, I was part of a staff reduction. Working in print publishing is a gamble these days because the industry and its revenue models have undergone some seismic shifts — and, truthfully, each time I had a feeling that something wasn’t
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Possibilities beyond the comfort zone

At 9:15 pm I walk into a hospital.

I am not bleeding. I am not in pain. None of the things that make you know you should go to a hospital is happening. So it is with great internal conflict that I ask the person at the desk to admit me for brain surgery the next morning.

When I awaken after seven hours of surgery I am being rolled into the ICU. I am extremely groggy. All the lights are too bright. I have tubes in both arms with IV bags attached, EKG badges on my chest, monitors all around, and a larger tube that goes in my nose and down to my stomach. My head hurts, the sort of pain you cannot imagine if you have not had it and cannot remember if you have. I have two full-time nurses. When I turn my head slightly, I puke through
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Unstuck is about having aspirations

We love goals. They give us purpose. Organize our actions. And extend our thinking beyond “What’s for lunch?” We also love the idea that even if we don’t reach our ideal, through practice, we get closer to it. We start out clumsy and inexpert. But push through our frustration until it gets a tiny bit easier. We keep trying, keep practicing. Keep inching toward our aspiration. On occasion, we look back and we’re amazed with how far we’ve come.

Here are 10 goals that we think are worth the practice. They could change your life, even if you don’t perfect
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10 goals that could change your life

We’re not sticklers for New Year’s resolutions. Of course we want you to exercise more, stop smoking, and find that perfect job. But sometimes the pressure of a new you in the new year sabotages best intentions.

At Unstuck, we believe that change most likely will occur when you realize that something has you stuck — that moment when you say to yourself this isn’t acceptable to me anymore and I need to do something about it. Now.

In that spirit, consider the following 10 aspects of your life (listed in no particular order). These are big ones. Habits and attitudes that can make a real difference.

If, and when, you think any one of these could use some attention, click through for tips and ideas to get you started.

1. Confidence. This ebbs and flows for all of us, even those with the biggest swagger.

2. Procrastination. Recognizing our avoidance tactics is half the battle
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