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How to identify your values (and why it matters)

Your values affect every aspect of your life. When you feel stuck, they can help get you out of a rut; when you’re not sure what to do next, values help lead the way toward a meaningful life. There’s only one problem: Many of us draw a blank when it comes to actually defining our values.

That’s partly because values are complex. They are collection of your personal experiences, trials, and triumphs, along with everything that’s influenced your belief system. This includes your friends, family, culture, and education to name a few. Even the books you read and the entertainment you consume actively shape how you define yourself in relation to the outside world.

When I work with clients, it’s my job to help them articulate exactly what drives them. A vague understanding won’t suffice here; we need to really dig in and undertake a discovery process. Ultimately, the
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How to inject more joy into your day

What's your intention today?

Question: What’s your intention for today?

The quick answer might sound something like: Go to work, or keep the kids clean and fed, or just get through it.

Then there’s the answer beneath that answer: Be able to pay my bills. Maintain order in my day. Hold the dread at bay.

All understandable. Necessary, even. But, in addition, what if we intended to do something that touches our soul? To feel purposeful or loved or delighted. Now that’s something to get out of bed for!

For some of us, the day runs mostly on auto-pilot. For others, it can seem rudderless. Or bland. Or contentious. Those joy-filled days— isn’t that what vacation is for?

Sort of. Vacation is important because it helps us step back and experience life differently. But what about the 360 other days of the year? Don’t you want to inject some joy into those too?

Of course you do. So let’s do
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