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How to use positivity to transform difficult holiday celebrations

The holidays can be tough. Sure, there’s pie and presents and fa la la la la, la la la la. But there are also difficult family dynamics, often left over from years gone by. Those dynamics can lead to upsetting conversations (and on the heels of an vitriolic election season, politics might put extra strain on your relationships). Sometimes, it might even feel like your whole family tripped head-over-heels into a time-traveling vortex as everyone slips into familiar roles: the overbearing parent, the constant screw-up, or the goody-two-shoes, to name a few.

But wait — don’t reach for that third glass of spiked eggnog just yet. There’s hope for this year.
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15 ways to find your holiday cheer

Ah, the holidays.

In spite of — and because of — great expectations for magical perfection, it’s a time of year when it’s painfully obvious if things aren’t going right. Travel delays, difficult in-laws, financial hardships, loneliness, physical ailments, personal losses, a full-blown case of the winter blues.

One way to deal is to gripe about the holidays until January 2. Or grin and bear it for the sake of everyone around you. Or — this may sound counterintuitive — you could help someone else get unstuck from their holiday doldrums.

In essence, the holidays are about goodwill. And that often occurs as a result of extending it. Just imagine: A kind act from you might be the thing that jump-starts someone’s holiday spirit, and that might jump-start yours. Here are 15 ideas you could
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How to stay unstuck during the holidays

The year-end holidays are often called the happiest time of the year — but they’re also one of the stickiest.

The high expectations (Merriment! Harmony! Picture-perfect!) can deflate our will to join in before the high season even starts. And once we’re in the thick of it, we just might come undone by the pressure and pace.

This year, instead of getting stuck in our usual yuletide ways, we can find better approaches to holiday stress and disappointment by tapping into Unstuck’s tools. Here, seven big holiday roadblocks and the tools to help us do something about them.

Holiday roadblock #1: “I can’t get organized.”
Holiday planning challenges even the most organized, as we wrangle the details for meals, travel, parties, gifts, and cards. If efficiency is not a strong suit, the holidays can bring on minor chaos.
Unstuck tool: “Get Your Game On” is a super-simple way to come up with an action plan
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