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5 easy ways to help Hurricane Harvey victims without donating money

It’s natural to feel stuck and overwhelmed when a disaster strikes and you find yourself feeling powerless or unable to help. This week, millions across southeast Texas and Louisiana have been imperiled by Hurricane Harvey, which has already destroyed countless homes, devastated critical infrastructure, and left thousands without steady access to shelter, food, power, and clothing.

And while volunteering or donating to well-vetted charitable organizations are thought to be the most effective ways to help, there are still plenty of opportunities to be empowered to assist — even if giving money isn’t an immediate possibility or if you live far from those affected. Here are a few suggestions for ways to help out:

  1. Give blood. No matter where you live, giving blood is always useful, particularly as the need for donations grows in the aftermath of a major emergency. One easy way to help is to donate through a national
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