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Instant Insight: Choose a direction

Even when someone has a direction in mind, forward movement isn’t guaranteed. People like to calculate and, sometimes, that can lead to talking themselves out of action. I should hold off until things calm down. I’m going to wait for the spring.

But regardless of whether you believe you’re playing by the rules or just waiting for the right moment, it’s important and crucial to make sure that you’re not stalling. The timing is never going to seem just
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Instant Insight: Let the rules follow you

Breaking the rules is generally frowned upon. And in plenty of instances, it’s understandable. But what about the rules we set for ourselves? Do the things we promised we’d never do (or always do) apply to every situation? What about our beliefs?

The truth is that in order to be capable of change and growth sometimes we have take our preconceived notions and make a conscious effort to smash them to bits. We do this by listening carefully to our instincts and by asking good questions.

With that inspiration in mind, we offer this week’s Instant
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Instant Insight: Help out whenever you can

We tend to think of good deeds in important, but grandiose contexts — volunteering in soup kitchens, donating to charity, giving out kidneys. But to help out also can and should also mean performing small acts of kindness in ordinary and everyday moments.

Everyone from our co-workers and neighbors to strangers and fellow commuters can use help, even if it’s just the smallest gesture or show of support. All the little things add up to something bigger than
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