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In defense of mindfulness

I’m a hopeful millennial. I love a good experiment. When trendy new methodologies pop up, suggesting you can eat, pray, love yourself to a better you or some other catchy phrase, I’m all over them with glass half-full optimism. But I’m also pretty analytical; and so I also tend to lean toward the tried-and-true avenues.

Therefore, I continuously find myself putting more stock into one particular approach: Mindfulness. Though the practice has endured through the ages, it’s only gained mainstream traction within the last 10 years.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is described as a mental state when you’re deeply attuned to the present moment, thus being hyper aware of your emotions, breathing, surroundings, and purpose. In a simpler description, mindfulness tends to involve meditation.

Advocates of the practice say the benefits can include everything from reduced stress to improved diet. Workplaces have encouraged mindfulness courses as a way to
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