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Instant Insight: The small joys

Everywhere we look — Instagram or Facebook, television shows, movies, or magazine covers — it seems there’s always an emphasis on total perfection. The most fashionable clothes, the most photogenic meal, or the ultimate vacation. Then there’s your dream weight, your fantasy car, or what might happen if you met “the one.”

These are useful ways to sell ideas (and products), but they’re not very realistic ways to find happiness or maintain a balanced perspective. While our long-term goals or big dreams are important, our day-to-day contentment is better decided by the little things, the things that might remind us that we’re lucky and that life is
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Instant Insight: Build success from frustration

It’s easy to think of success as the product of careful planning and thoughtful execution. And it is. But there is also an emotional component to any process, effort, or triumph. In other words, we don’t succeed simply because we are well-prepared; we also succeed because we are motivated.

Despite what we’re often told, the motivation to truly do something — whether it’s finishing a small task or working toward a profound change — can come from moments of great anger, annoyance, or disappointment. It’s how we use our frustrations and passions as fuel that makes all the
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