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Unstuck is about staying open

You know what fake confidence is, right? It’s that person who “knows it all.” Who always has the answer, even if it’s not right. He’s putting on a show for you and for himself. Meanwhile, the rest of us are working on our C level by wondering, inquiring, and paying attention to the world. Eventually, we feel confident in our confidence, and we don’t have to show it off — unless someone
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Unstuck is about going for it in spite of our fears

When something really matters to us, often we’re afraid we’ll mess it up. But what if we don’t know it matters — we just know we’re afraid? Afraid to say hello to him. Afraid to travel abroad. Afraid to sing at the karaoke bar. We probably think we’ll fail. And we don’t want to fail because it matters. And if it matters, then it’s worth
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Unstuck is about staying curious

When we’re looking for solutions, it’s too easy, sometimes, to disregard possibilities out of hand. “I don’t do that.” “I’m not interested.” “I’ve never heard of that.” “That’s weird.” We don’t even give our curiosity a chance.

So next time those anti-possibility thoughts run through our head, we’re going to contemplate the “No’s.” Maybe even explore one of them to keep our world from
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