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How to stop working all the time

Do you feel like you’re always working? Do you forget to shower or have lunch because it’s not clear where your workday ends and real life begins?

When that happens, you’re never getting the break you know you need in order to do your best. But, you may be thinking, there is so much to do. Everyone needs something, email never stops, and you like the feeling of being productive and available.

It’s a cycle many of us believe we thrive in. I’ve heard more than a few executives, business owners, and freelancers pride themselves on working all the time. As if this is what it means to be successful. Well, what better week to create more personal freedom by reinventing our work lives than when many of us are celebrating our independence?

The answer is a schedule

This is not your garden-variety schedule. It’s detailed and you’ll probably feel silly doing it until you
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