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Why you should embrace your inner weirdo

There was a specific moment in elementary school when I knew beyond a doubt that I was…let’s call it “quirky.” I was really into the ’90s cartoon series Gargoyles and so I had saved whatever money I could scrounge together from various chores to buy a few sheets of Gargoyle stickers to secretly decorate the inside of my desk at school.

Now, that’s not necessarily weird in and of itself, of course, but around that same time I was also obsessed with a strange little book I found called Earth Magik, which claimed it could teach readers how to do things like “ward off evil” and “attract your soul mate” using things like string and herbs. Pretty harmless, silly, stuff, but, as it turns out, not to our school counselor.

Somehow, she found out about the strange grotto inside of my desk, full of cartoon monsters and books about magic, and
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