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One story that explains why personal success is more important than professional success

The ugly truth about how society is conditioned to view success — in degrees, dollars, promotions, likes, and favs — is that much of it is external and out of our control.

With hard work and some luck, for example, you might land the prestigious job of your dreams. But what if the industry changes or you end up with a terrible new boss?

This radical dose of reality is exactly what happened to Anthony Tjan. As he details in his book Good People, in the late 1990s, the entrepreneur worked tirelessly to build ZEFER, an internet services company that was poised to earn him tens of millions of dollars when the company went public.

But things didn’t turn out that way. “The day ZEFER intended to go public was the largest NASDAQ drop in its history to date,” he writes, “a slide that would only continue over the next few
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